Abode's Meeting: Abode's annual Cook Off for Golden Rolling Pen, Food selected Pasta 

Start time: 7:30 PM

President: Dann Farquhar, Recording Secretary: Roy Chapman, Treasurer,: Karen Mathews.

Non- Board positions: Adopt a spot : Lou Stotts chair

Rovelstad Statue Garden: Paul Richardson

Spark Grant: Nancy Farquhar,Jennifer Phipps,Karen Mathews, Doug Watkins

Members Present: Anne Bird, Pete Ely,   John Crowe and Melody Crowe,Nancy and Dann Farquhar, Karen and Bill Mathews, Albert Phillips,Curt, Jennifer and Ricky Phillips, Mary Ryan,Paul Richardson, Lou Stotts

3 guests: Kathleen and Frank Salvatini ,Bob Ryan

Members decided to Judge cook off dishes brought to event, prior to Business Meeting, because food better served warm.

Five members participated in cook off. The Golden rolling Pen went to Mary Ryan for outstanding Filled Pasta Shells.She will keep Rolling Pen until January 2018.

Business Meeting called to Order at Approximately 8:15 by Dann

Dann opened the meeting with thanks to Paul Richardson and other Abode volunteers for continuing the  Maintenance of the Rovelstad Statue garden , the last cleaning of 2016 being the massive fall clean up of the garden.

The December Abode Progressive dinner was a great success. Thank's to Susan Tyler and Carlos Rivera for hosting Appetizers and Salads,and Jennifer and Curt Phillips for Deserts .We had a great attendance in spite of the snow and of course great food.

Dann called for Treasury report: Karen gave present balance of 3,052.47. But, reminder that Abode still has to Grants outstanding in the amounts of $700.00. Eric Pepa and Mike Bueherr. Karen advised that Abode should always keep at least $1500 in treasury. Karen also, reminder members that membership sues are due for 2017.

Dan, Asked Lou  for update on Adopt a Spot: Lou spoke with Adriana of the city of Elgin, 311 operator had told her that as soon as we advise what we want on the sign, the city would make them. We will continue program through the City rather than the State.

Dann will send the Abode Logo  to Lou to take to City to see if we can use it rather than Just ABODE, since hardly anyone driving down State street know what ABODE represents.

Dann asked for update on Spark Grants that are to be finished by the end of February. The Committee will follow up and see where the recipients  are with their projects.  Discussion: The question was asked if we will have the money for new grants in 2017. This only depends if we have the Bowling event  during Preservation Month because in the past this event has raised the most money.

Nancy then said we need to research different ways to promote this grant.  Some suggestions were: WRMN radio- Steve Thorne,The Bravo Paper, face book and newspapers. This Grant topic will be discussed more at future meetings, after Committee has checked with the two recipients for 2016-17.

Nancy asked if anyone else was interested in being on the Grant Committee. John Crowe volunteered to be on it. This will bring the committee to five members.

The topic of New ABODE t-shirts was brought up by Karen.We have not had new ones for several years and they are nice to wear to promote ABODE. Kathleen said she would volunteer to check on some T-Shirts.

The Next ABODE meeting will be February 14, 2017 at the Home of Dann and Nancy Farquhar, 806 W. Highland Ave., Elgin.

Meeting Closed.

Minutes recorded by Lou Stotts in the absence of Roy Chapman